Affordable and Convenient.

My standard fee is $175 per session and sessions last between 75 and 120 minutes.  I generally do not sell multi-session packages in advance unless I have reason to believe that a certain number of sessions would be required to see success or the request of the client. (Smoking and Weight Loss Programs excepted. These are always prepaid.) Instead of selling discounted package deals, I discount the third, fifth and subsequent sessions to accommodate the discounts associated with multi-session packages when the frequency of those sessions is optimized for best results. Generally, that means no more than two weeks between sessions. The result is that you get the same benefit as a multi-session package but without the prepaid commitment. If, however, time lapses, the sequence starts again.

The following are exceptions to the policy above.

  • Quit Smoking: $700 (4-5 sessions) Non-refundable and first session deposit is required.

  • Weight Loss: $1375 (10 sessions) Non-refundable and first session deposit is required.

(First session deposit is $175. If at the end of the first session, you decide to continue, the balance is due in full. If you decide not to continue, your deposit is kept as the first session fee. If you have questions, please schedule a free 20-minute phone call.


PWYC stands for Pay What You Can.  I offer a limited number of PWYC appointments per month as a way of giving back to the community and supplying hypnosis services to those who otherwise cannot afford them.  PWYC is not available for Smoking Cessation and I am obviously unable to provide a statement of money paid for insurance reimbursement. Terms and Conditions apply. (Terms & Conditions)

I do not take insurance directly.  Some health plans will cover hypnotherapy but usually when it's part of a physician's prescription.  I can provide a statement with appropriate codes for reimbursement when appropriate.  You have to pay up-front as I am not equipped to take insurance directly and it is likely that the reimbursement will not fully cover my fee.

Health Savings Accounts.  You may be able to receive reimbursement from a health savings account to pay for hypnotherapy services, especially if you are seeing smoking cessation or weight-loss.  Check with your plan administrator.  


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My Offices

Monday-Wednesday-Friday in "That Massage Place"    411 Freeport Road  Aspinwall, PA 15215


Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday in "Thrive on Health"       730 Brookline Blvd., Brookline, PA 15226