Hypnosis for a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep deprivation and more severely, insomnia can have far reaching negative impact on our lives. Unfortunately many of us convince ourselves that it will fix itself…when we have less on our plate, or when a certain responsibility has been completed. It doesn’t work that way. For more information on the causes of insomnia, read my short blog on the subject, Can Hypnosis Help Me Sleep Better?

Psychologically, sleep deprivation can result in difficulty focusing one’s attention, concentrating and completing tasks. It causes us to lose our ability to empathize, and be compassionate and make it difficult to prioritize obligations or strategies solutions. It can impair one’s judgement.

Emotionally, reactions to insomnia vary from being highly sensitive and over-reactive, short-tempered and highly emotional to an emotional malaise or lack of engagement, often mistaken for clinical depression but which does not respond to medication.

Physically, being sleep deprived can deplete the immune system, exacerbate auto-immune conditions, cause unexplained illnesses, skin conditions, digestive disorders. and even weight gain or loss. Sleep deprivation slows down the healing or recovery process and renders us less able to fight infection.

While sleep aids, prescribed sedatives and even a well-deserved vacation might alleviate the symptoms temporarily, it’s far better to learn and develop attitudes, strategies and skills to get you the sleep you need. Hypnosis combined with some simple sleep coaching can address most causes of insomnia, often reducing or eliminating the effect they have. If you suffer from frequent or chronic sleeplessness, you owe it to yourself and everyone in your life, to at least learn about how a simple thing like hypnosis can help turn your sleeplessness into a good night’s rest. I’m sure you have questions so I invite you to schedule a free 20 minutes phone conversation for me to personally answer your questions and explain the process to you. It’s free and thee is no obligation.