Hypnosis for Relief from Worry, Stress, Anxiety & Sadness

Life is complicated all on it’s own. Worry, stress, anxiety and depression seem to be just a fact of life. We may be pretty good at putting up a front but we don’t have to do that when we learn different strategies for coping with them. You see, we’ve all learned our own unconscious ways of managing and surviving and naturally, some ways are better than others. Many times, our own methods just cause the feelings to snowball.

Worry, Stress, Anxiety and sadness can devastate our lives and our health 

but Hypnosis can help


Stress & Insomnia

Life is increasingly stressful stressful.  We may not be able to control everything that happens but we can control how we react.

Life is full of things that cause stress but we often don't realize how destructive prolonged stress really is.  Stress causes our body to function differently, literally wear down.  It's called "Allostatic Load" It weakens our immune system and negatively impacts our digestion.  It worsens pain and discomfort.  It causes a fatigue AND leads to distressed sleep.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION increases the negative effects of allostatic load because we aren't getting the physical and mental rejuvenation that comes with a good night's sleep.

Hypnosis and Mindfulness practice are proven methods of reducing stress, changing our reaction to stressful situations and even reversing some of the negative consequences of stress.


Anxiety And Social Anxiety

Anxiety often grows out of constant stress. It may become constant enough that we don't even remember when or how it started.  But we can still address it with great effect.

Hypnosis addresses even the unconscious sources and causes of anxiety as well as dealing with the external triggers for elevated anxiety or panic.  Fear and even phobias can be changed with the aid of hypnosis.  

SOCIAL ANXIETY is a specific kind of anxiety that results in a person being overly cautious, unduly frightened or even incapacitated in social environments.  For many, even the prospect of having to function socially, can cause anxiety and panic.  Hypnosis can help you manage the symptoms of social anxiety while relearning the skills and confidence of successful social interaction.

Hypnosis can bring real relief.

Hypnosis can bring real relief.

Find Relief

It is possible to teach our unconscious minds a new thing or two. Hypnosis, because it works on our automatic, unconscious reactions and responses, has been clinically demonstrated to help people make critical changes. When combined with simple mindfulness practice and coaching, change is faster and you learn tools to cope with future stressors.

Please don’t hesitate. The change is real and really quite wonderful.

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