If you want to quit, you can...now. 

Nicotine dependence is just a small part of a smoking habit.  The roots of smoking have spread through what you do and what you think and how you feel.  To break the hold smoking has over anyone we have to deal with those roots.  My method combines hypnosis with practical tools for a complete smoking cessation program.  I literally walk you through the process so that quitting is effective and permanent.  Come, become smoke free, and learn about the power of your mind and how to use it for your benefit.  You can quit and hypnosis is the best tool for the job.

Customized individual hypnosis programs with proven results.  GREATER THAN 95% SUCCESS RATE. My quit smoking program addresses all three major aspects of the smoking habit, the physical habit, the associations with smoking and one's identity as a smoker.  If you are ready to quit, let's do it.  A four session hypnotherapy package allows us to measure our progress, ensure we address as many associations as possible and gently removes the habit from your experience.  Sessions are about 2 hours long.  There is a one to two week gap between sessions.  You can stop smoking and you can do it permanently. The cost is just $700 which includes a $175 non-refundable deposit on your first session.  Compare that to what you spend on cigarettes and the program pays for itself in just a few months. Don't wait. The time is now.  (Check out this Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Special Offer.)

Nothing I do is off-the-shelf.  It's one-on-one, individualized, customized and tailored to address your personal smoking habit.  No pre-recorded sessions. no cd's  

Feeling Helpless?

Feeling Helpless?


Cravings are triggered by both nicotine and associations with other activities like drinking coffee.  Hypnotherapy can crush those cravings and break the connection you have between other activities and smoking. After your very first session, you'll leave with tools to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke.  You'll feel empowered and confident for your stop-smoking journey.

Consider yourself a died-in-the-wool smoker?

Consider yourself a died-in-the-wool smoker?


People smoke for a variety of different reasons and those reasons are integrated with their self-image. Smokers smoke unconsciously, and the change must take place in the subconscious.  Smoking is something a person does, not who they are.  Anyone who wants to quit knows the internal conflict between who they are and what they do.

Discover who you really are without cigarettes!

Discover who you really are without cigarettes!

Other Triggers

There are probably lots of things that push your "time-to-smoke" button. Do you associate smoking with coffee, after meals, while driving?  Those times when you reach for a cigarette without thinking about it are as powerful a trigger as nicotine, if not more.  In hypnosis we break those associations so that you no longer need a cigarette at those times.


I don't take insurance directly.  Some health plans will cover alternative or complementary therapies but usually when it's part of a physician's prescription.  I can provide a statement with appropriate codes for reimbursement, if the plan covers hypnosis/hypnotherapy and you then get reimbursement.  You have to pay up-front as I am not equipped to take insurance directly. 




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