If you want to quit, you can...now. 

Nicotine dependence is just a small part of a smoking habit.  The roots of smoking have spread through what you do and what you think and how you feel.  To break the hold smoking has over anyone we have to deal with those roots.  My method combines hypnosis with practical tools for a complete smoking cessation program.  I literally walk you through the process so that quitting is effective and permanent.  Come, become smoke free, and learn about the power of your mind and how to use it for your benefit.  You can quit and hypnosis is the best tool for the job.

GREATER THAN 95% SUCCESS RATE. My quit smoking program addresses all aspects of the smoking habit, the physical habit, the associations with smoking and one's identity as a smoker.  If you are ready to quit, let's do it.  A multi-session hypnotherapy package allows us to measure our progress, ensure we address as many associations as possible and gently removes the habit from your experience. You can stop smoking and you can do it permanently. The cost is just $700 which includes a $175 non-refundable deposit on your first session.  The time is now. 

Nothing I do is off-the-shelf.  It's one-on-one, individualized, customized and tailored to address your personal smoking habit.