Low-Cost Introductory Sessions.

If you know me, you know I’m a client-centered hypnotherapist.  I have two Pittsburgh locations where I meet with clients one-on-one.  One is in Aspinwall (North of the city) and the other is in Brookline to the south. 

Being client-centered means I tailor everything I do with the client to the needs of the client.  That means each hypnosis session is unique.  I also combine hypnosis, mindfulness training and coaching, so that my clients are getting the whole package. 

I don’t do group hypnotherapy because that method focuses on the issue that they share rather than the individual confronting the issue.  Group work smoking cessation for example focuses on smoking and not really the individual reasons why the attendees smoke.  About 20% to 30% of attendees might leave the room having quit. Either their habit was completely conventional and just a habit or they were almost ready to quit on their own anyway.

You can see why group work doesn’t appeal to me.  While I have to earn a living, doing so at the expense of not really helping people just isn’t the way I work.

Starting on the 15th of this August 2018, however, I am going to begin conducting group introductory sessions.  I’m going to arrange them topically.  This first one is about stress and anxiety.  We’ll talk about the role stress and anxiety play in the mind-body connection and then have a group hypnosis session for attendees to experience hypnosis.  This first event will cost just $5.

In September, we’ll focus on Smoking Cessation.  Hypnosis is one of the most successful ways of kicking the habit and my own success rate is above 95%.

In October, as the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, we’ll focus on seasonal depression.  Other sessions on Caregiver Stress, Depression, Sleeplessness or Insomnia, are planned.  I hope you will join us.