Don't Blame Hypnosis

If some Quit Smoking Seminar didn't work.  

I recently got a call from someone who had heard about a Quit Smoking Seminar on the radio.  She thought it was my seminar and wanted to sign up.  I couldn’t help her the way she wanted but I helped her the best I could. 

I don’t do quit smoking seminars.  Here’s the skinny.

Hypnosis is a process, not a product.  It’s not a magic pill.  To be most effective, hypnosis addresses the individual needs of the client.  That is impossible in a room full of people who share the same habit.  It’s going to work for some but not for all.

Along those lines, some hypnotists simply learn the scripts published by other hypnotists for specific issues.  They haven't studied the problem or analyzed the script.  They just read it or have memorized it, using the same script for everyone with the same problem.  That's not how the Mind-Body connection works.  

Smoking isn’t the problem; it’s the reason for smoking that is the real issue.  It’s not simply a nicotine addiction.  It’s a bad habit and the habit is the same but the reasons for engaging in the habit are not. Addressing the habit without considering the reason is just asking for a repeat of the problem.  Or worse, the reason causing some other problem, like gaining weight.

Seminars work for some people and they are the ones whose feedback gets published.       You never see the ones that say, “It didn’t work for me.”

Guaranteed Results?  You might get a free ticket to the next seminar or a free recording being sold in the back of the room but you won’t get your money back.

The seminar seems cheap but then they are selling CDs in the back of the room for a price that would choke your wallet.  Don’t be fooled.  Similar recordings are available free on Youtube.  

The thing that makes me most upset is that people who say, “It didn’t work for me” have been robbed of one of the most powerful tools in life, the ability to direct the mind-body connection.  They discount hypnosis entirely because they sat in a room with a bunch of other people and it didn’t work.  They leave thinking hypnosis it hooey or that they themselves can’t be hypnotized.

Look, if you find one of these seminars and you want to go, go.  They usually cost about $50.  If it works, celebrate it.

If you go and it doesn’t work, don’t blame hypnosis and don’t believe that you can’t be really hypnotized.  Call me and I’ll show you what hypnosis can do.