No More Diets. No More Exhausting Exercise Regimes

It’s easier than you think…

It’s easier than you think…

Our bodies “settle” into our lives.  To change our bodies, our lives have to change.

Our bodies “settle” into our lives. To change our bodies, our lives have to change.

How did this happen?

Obesity is not a matter of will-power. It’s not a matter of discipline. It’s a matter of lifestyle. Our bodies naturally “settle” into patterns and a balanced state. The old “science” of counting calories or counting virtually anything has more than proven it doesn’t work, especially over the long term. What does work is understanding the mind-body connection and how our bodies function so that we can change where our bodies “settle.”

Hypnosis for weight-loss helps effect the change you want from the inside out. It probably will involve changing what, when, and how you eat. But that doesn’t mean you are going on a temporary restrictive diet. I won’t try to sell you supplements, prepackaged meals or even meal-replacement smoothies.

It probably will involve increased activity, but that doesn’t have to mean tedious hours at a gym doing things you hate. While a hypnotist can help increase your motivation to go to the gym, (if you enjoy being there), it is preferable to find a sustainable level of activity that you actually enjoy. There’s no replacement for pure fun.

Because hypnosis works on the unconscious mind, we are able to guide how the necessary changes take place, and more importantly, how you feel about them. If you are going to join the program, we’ll need to let your doctor know.

Hypnotic weight loss requires a minimum commitment of 10 sessions. I’m sure you have questions. That’s why I’ve created way for you and I to chat for free, with no obligation. Simply make an appointment for a 20 minute phone consultation.