No More Fad Diets. No More Exhausting Exercise Regimes

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It’s easier than you think…

It’s easier than you think…


How did this happen?

Obesity is not a matter of will-power. It’s not a matter of discipline. It’s a matter of lifestyle. And believe it or not, much of our lifestyle is subject to the world around us, marketing, advertising, the accessibility of easy, unhealthy food.

The old “science” of counting calories has more than proven it doesn’t work, especially over the long term. In fact, much of what we have been taught as a society goes against the best scientific evidence. What does work is understanding how our bodies naturally function and how to get back to optimal health. When we combine mind-body strategies, we can change where our bodies “settle.”

Hypnosis for weight-loss helps effect the change you want from the inside out. Quick fixes are rarely permanent or life changing so I just don’t offer them. (If you want quick, unsustainable results, buy a pill…at your own risk.) I generally work only with people who need to lose 80 pounds or more because they are ready to embrace gradual change. They know that it’s not going to happen overnight and they aren’t even remotely hoping to be “ready for this year’s swimsuit season.” The desire and commitment to permanent change is the actual requirement.

Until you and I talk and create a plan tailor made for you, I can’t say what the plan will look like exactly. It’s a little different for everyone. It probably will involve changing what, when, and how and why you eat. That doesn’t mean you are going on a temporary restrictive diet. It means your whole relationship with food will change. We won’t count calories or food units though you may, for various reasons, choose to count macro-nutrients. I won’t try to sell you supplements, prepackaged meals or meal-replacement smoothies. We will talk about healthy food choices, the role of food in your life and your motivation for change.

Our plan probably will involve increased activity, but that doesn’t mean arduous or tedious hours at a gym doing things you hate. While a hypnotist can help increase your motivation to go to the gym, (if you enjoy being there), it is preferable to find a sustainable level of activity that you actually enjoy. You get the benefit of movement while also getting the fun life you want. It may mean adjusting some priorities but there’s no replacement for pure fun.

When you incorporate activity into your regular life combined with a shift in your relationship with food, you do a lot more than change your diet and get a little exercise. You train your body to respond differently and to “settle” into a new place. You’ll feel better and enjoy life more.

Because hypnosis works on the unconscious mind, we are able to guide how the necessary changes take place. That means simply, making the changes is easier because we are also changing how you feel about them at the same time.

It’s a pretty big commitment

If you are going to work with me, hypnotic weight loss requires a minimum commitment of 10 sessions. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, we may need more. The 10-session package is offered at $1375. Additional sessions, if required at discounted to $125 a session. If you join the program, we’ll need to let your doctor know, especially if you are diabetic and taking medications or insulin. There will also be “homework” on you part. I’m sure you have questions. That’s why I’ve created way for you and I to chat for free, with no obligation. Simply follow the link below to make an appointment for a 20 minute phone consultation, or, if you’re ready, schedule a first weight-loss session.