Hypnosis for Fitness, Motivation & Weight Control

Is it really just a lack of willpower? Are you tired of diets and exercise programs that fade away? Hypnosis combined with practical coaching can help you make the changes that you desire. You can curb cravings, eliminate binge eating, find time and motivation to exercise and actually like doing it.

They’ve been fibbing. It’s not all your fault!

The old science of calories-in vs. calories-out doesn’t work and just heaps the blame for obesity on the individual. “Your fat because you eat too much and have no willpower. Your fat because you are lazy and don’t exercise.” Fad diets and rigorous exercise programs will help you lose weight in the short term but how many people can actually live the rest of their lives that way? At the core of the obesity problem are subsidized, processed foods that are more chemistry than nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle brought about by an increasing need for convenience and an overwhelming need for immediate gratification. We need to focus on how we live, not just what we eat.

Real Change Starts on the Inside

While wanting to change is necessary, understanding why we want to change is critical. In our first session, well discuss and clarify your goals and motivations. Then we’ll put together a plan for achieving a series of short-term, very rewarding objectives which are reinforced and made easier by hypnosis. Over time, you’ll make permanent changes and find those changes rewarding and satisfying.


“Hypnosis is not magic but sometimes it feels that way. It’s about the unconscious mind, the things we think, feel or do automatically.”

Social pressure makes fitness an inside out CHALLENGE.

Few people realize that their unconscious mind can sabotage their own progress. In this video, the Kelli Jean Drinkwater explores the not-so-subtle messages about our bodies that pervade our society and color our perceptions of ourselves. These perceptions can be the key to whether or not our unconscious minds will even allow the change to happen. She’s not promoting obesity but illustrating how social pressures about obesity can damage us.


Diet and Exercise are not enough

Pills, specialized equipment, fad diets, exercise and fitness apps address only a small part of the issue and the inherent argument that keeps people buying them is self-blame for their own failure. Individualized programs that include quality hypnosis to address motivations and obstacles to success provide the whole package. Inside out change is of higher quality and longer lasting.

We start with a five-session prepaid package for just $775.