What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a practice through which direct impact on the subconscious mind is heightened.  If a problem, issue, obstacle, or condition rests in or has its roots in subconscious attitudes and behaviors, then working directly with the subconscious is an expedient way of addressing those concerns.     

What sorts of things can you treat? Can you help me?

That’s a tricky question. It suggests that my focus would be on the issue or the condition rather than the client’s experience of it. The list of possibilities is extensive. When you schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation, you and I will talk about the change you desire and I’ll better be able to know if hypnosis is the right way to go. You can visit my “Hypnosis Can..” page for a brief list. Or you can schedule your phone consultation now.

Doesn’t hypnosis only work on weak-minded people?

No! Hypnosis works on everyone. The key to success in hypnosis is the ability to trust the process. No matter how intelligent or analytical you may be, hypnosis can work for you. Everyone has an unconscious mind, the part of our psyche that governs automatic behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

What does hypnosis feel like?

The feelings of hypnosis appear to differ from person to person. Some experience a kind of restful awareness like daydreaming. Others may drift in and out of awareness. While still others go so deeply that without a recording, they wouldn’t remember anything about the session. Generally first timers may be a bit more hesitant and that is often part of the need for several sessions.

Will you make me do silly things?

A hypnotist can't make you do anything you wouldn't do anyway.  But this is therapeutic hypnosis, not a stage show.  Here's a secret.  Those people who go on stage for a hypnotist have volunteered knowing they'd be doing silly thing.  In therapeutic hypnosis, you never lose control of yourself.  

Will i lose consciousness?

Although we call hypnosis “sleep,” you are never really asleep.  In fact, you will likely be aware of virtually everything I say or do in the session.  You are free to pay attention or allow your mind to wander. You’ll be able to react and respond throughout the session. 

Will I involuntarily expose all my secrets?

No, you won't.  Hypnosis is not a truth serum.  You'll never say or do anything you don't want to say or do.  That being said, you should know that I do not want or need to know your secrets.  The efficacy of hypnosis does rely on a certain degree of honesty.  I can't help you with something if you won't tell me what it is.  I can only work with what you tell me.  

Isn't hypnosis a kind of mind control?

No, in fact, the goal of a therapeutic hypnotist is to get you to be more in control of your own mind rather than taking control of it for you.  Instead of just reacting with your old patterns of behavior, you learn how to create and instill new ones that better fit your goals and objectives.

I don't think I can be hypnotized.

Everyone can be hypnotized, however; you can successfully resist hypnosis. If you simply allow yourself to participate, knowing that you can stop participating at any moment, you can and will be hypnotized. You never lose self-control and given the potential benefits, it doesn't make sense for anyone to come to my office and pay me for my time, and continue to resist.  

How much does it cost?

There is a flat fee of $175 for the first session.  We may need a number of sessions to meet your goals. While I don't pre-sell multi-session packages, I offer multi-session pricing.Visit my Pricing page for full details.  

Do You Take Insurance?

I don't take insurance directly.  Some health plans will cover alternative or complementary therapies but usually when it's part of a physician's prescription.  I can provide a statement with appropriate codes for reimbursement, if the plan covers hypnosis/hypnotherapy and you then get reimbursement.  

How many sessions will it take?

It's going to be at least two but it depends on what you want to accomplish and how readily you respond to the hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion.  If we are going to be effective, I need to learn how to work with you.  Each individual is different.  Noting I do comes prepackaged or off the shelf and each person comes with a different set of needs, conditions and goals.  I try to make our sessions as efficient as possible. Generally, however, I suggest that you plan for three to five sessions.

I know someone who tried it but...

Fill in the blank with whatever you'd like.  The fact remains that individual experiences with hypnosis depend on a lot of factors, two of them being the client who is seeking the help and the practitioner providing the assistance.  It comes down to experiencing it yourself.  The best way to know if hypnosis is the right tool to use is to discuss it with me and give it a try.  There is no obligation after the first visit.

What about using recorded materials?

Some hypnotists sell recordings or use prepackaged materials, often of their own design, to streamline their work and supplement their income.  I've even heard of some hypnotists having clients come into their office only to sit in a chair with headphones listening to recorded sessions.   My practice is client-centered, which means that while the techniques of hypnosis may look similar to those used by most other hypnotists, the content of the sessions depends on the individual goals and objectives of the client and is designed specifically for them based on the information they provide.  I don't use off-the-shelf materials.  I don't package materials to sell because I would have to create a different package for each client.  As a therapeutic hypnosis practitioner, I am more interested in helping you than I am in selling something to you.  If you are looking for prerecorded materials to use at home, there are plenty which are reasonably priced or even free online.  Try Youtube.

Do you work with children?

I do work with minors only with the expressed written consent of a parent or legal guardian.  This means usually having a preliminary phone conversation with the parent or guardian before I meet the minor.  I may also need to have additional meetings with the parent, usually this is a brief consultation after one or more of the sessions with a minor.  If I agree to work with a minor, the session may be recorded, and the recording becomes part of the session record.   

Other hypnotists guarantee results, Why don't you?

Honestly, it's a matter of integrity.  I can't guarantee things I can't control.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool and I'm good at what I do but the success of our collaboration depends as much on you as it does on me.  Most "guarantees" offer a repeat of the session if it didn't work the first time.  Well, if it didn't work the first time, why would anyone go back?  It's just not the way I relate to my clients. If we discover some technique doesn't work well for you, we'll do something else.  I have a lot of tools in my toolbox.  I can guarantee only one thing. I pledge to give you the best individualized, attention and service, to my fullest capacity.

Do you record the session?

I don't normally record sessions unless I'm working with an unaccompanied minor.  If you want to record the session on your phone, you are welcome to do that.  You just need to set your phone to airplane mode so that the session is not interrupted and bring your charger if your battery is low.